52nd Season
Beyond The Doors
What if some ordinary doors could take you through to any place in time…

Shedley Theatre, Playford Civic Centre
10 Playford Blvd, Elizabeth SA

Beyond The Doors…. What if some ordinary doors could take you through to any place in time…

In 2017 Comedy Capers will be taking our audience on an adventure through doorways to different dimensions in time. The show begins with a group of Scouts and Guides entering their secret meeting hall. They end up choosing a door and travelling through it to a ‘Time Dimensions Point’. Each doorway takes the Scout & Guide Travellers to a different place. Once in that particular place, the Travellers mix in with the people and culture and gain new experiences all the while having an adventure.

They will travel to Colonial Australia, the future, Egypt (that’s not so ancient),to the Renaissance where the venturers will find out that this is not the time period to be dressed like a witch. They will crash an Indian Wedding and find themselves in jail….behind bars. In our 52nd season the 110 strong cast will sing, dance and act their hearts out as the audience are taken away with the magic of the theatre as our crew dazzle with fantastic live music, wonderful sets, costumes and stage effects.

With a highly talented and enthusiastic cast made up of 110 Scouts and Guides, and with a crew of over 150 equally up to the task, Comedy Capers Gang Show is an entertaining show for audiences of all ages.